Who is WomenServe?

WomenServe tells stories from the voices of women and girls empowering our world’s most underdeveloped resource; women.

When women and girls have the chance to share their voices they have the power to create change and opportunity for themselves and future generations. By partnering with governments, businesses, and NGOs, we focus on economic and educational opportunities that empower women to rewrite their own destinies.

Nioma's Story


As a teenager I became aware of the tragic situations that perpetuate crimes against women. And I felt compelled to work for change on behalf of women and girls in the world. It was out of this awareness that I conceived the idea of WomenServe.

– Nioma Sadler


Nioma Sadler has turned her life passion into a powerful force for change. That passion stems from her childhood, “It was like a wave of purpose washed over me. I knew I wanted to focus my life on issues that women and girls face around the world.”  In 2006, serving as The Goodwill Ambassador for Traditional Medicinals and co-Founder of the Traditional Medicinals Foundation, her dedication led her on a journey into the company’s herb sourcing communities in Rajasthan, India. While listening to the hardships of women and girls in these communities Nioma began developing initiatives around gender inequality, education, and water scarcity. It is from the stories of these women and girls in Rajasthan that the mission of WomenServe became clear.

Ten years later, her work in rural Rajasthan with the Revive! Project ™ helped establish 22 self-help groups (with more than 300 women who are members), a Village Health Worker program that focuses on health and hygiene trainings for adolescent girls, the construction of five primary schools, a high school library, and the employment of women teachers, a first for the region. The Revive Project has also provided hundreds of bike scholarships to help girls overcome long distances to secondary schools.

Nioma’s advocacy through WomenServe has also contributed to the construction of six large community ponds and more than 400 taankas (rainwater catchment tanks),

providing water security to 12,000 people. Through her work with these women and girls, Nioma has gained the trust and gratitude of villagers.

Other projects include Nioma's work with the Lunafest Film Festival. While serving on the Lunafest board she raised $250,000 in funding for the Sloan House Women’s Shelter and Breast Cancer Fund. A large canvas artist, when not traveling, Nioma paints stories of the women and girls who continue to inspire her.  In addition, she savors her time with son Kai, husband Drake, one dog, and three cats.  Northern California and Costa Rica are the havens she calls home.

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