WomenServe believes in the power of Woman.

WomenServe tells stories through the voices of women and girls empowering our world’s most underdeveloped resource: women.

When women and girls have the chance to share their voices they have the power to create change and opportunity for themselves and future generations. By partnering with governments, businesses, and NGOs, we focus on economic and educational opportunities that empower women to rewrite their own destinies.


Our Purpose

Equality and Freedom for Women and Girls.
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Our Mission

Economic and Educational Opportunities for Women and Girls.
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Our Vision

Every woman and girl has the right to a liberated and empowered life.
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Stories of our Service in Action

Water shortages and gender inequality in Rajasthan inspired WomenServe to partner with Traditional Medicinals and Traditional Medicinals Foundation to establish The Revive! Project®. Launched in 2009, we imagined a different future for Rajasthani women and their families. Since then, we’ve built trust by nurturing relationships with women and girls and encouraging them to share their stories. We’re excited to share their stories with you.

When She Catches Rain

Water equals life. WomenServe collaborated with taanka (water catchment tank) recipients to produce this film and educate on the benefits of improved water security.

In the drought-afflicted Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India, one of the largest barriers to empowerment for women and girls is the shortage of water. In this region, water is the work of women and girls who walk up to 10 hours a day carrying water on their heads. However, when families and communities have access to water, their quality of life improves. Women can provide for their families and girls can attend school. That’s why water security is key to social, economic and educational opportunity in this region.

With your help, we can make every raindrop count by catching water for these women and girls.

Gavra's Story

With the taanka, we are growing crops, and we are getting enough food daily and no one has to sleep with an empty stomach like before, and I have my own house to welcome you to now.

– Gavra Devi

Kamala's Story

Now that I have a taanka, it gets filled by the rainwater. The children are taking baths daily. I also take baths, and we have water to drink and water for all the animals too. Many things have improved in my home. Visitors can now drink water here. 

– Kamala

Population in Rajasthan, India:
68 million

Rajasthan accounts for 10% of India's land mass and only 1% of its water resources

It is the cultural role of Rajasthani women and girls to fetch water for their households

When She Has a Bike

Change is in motion. WomenServe collaborated with bike recipients to produce this film and educate on the benefits of improved access to education.

In the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India, many girls are denied the opportunity to receive an education due to social and economic factors. WomenServe is helping to change this by supplying girls with bicycles so they can ride the long distances to school. Because, when a girl has a bike, she can change the value she has in her community and the value she sees in herself.

With your help, we can continue to help girls ride into a bright future.

Gulab's Story

I want to be a teacher; I want to teach girls so I can provide them good education. They will be progressive and become nurses and teachers, and the future of our village will be good.

– Gulab

Mamta's Story

We know that girls are the most powerful force for change. An educated adolescent girl has the unique potential to break the cycle of poverty for herself, her family, and her community. By providing a girl with a bicycle, she can go places – to school, to after-school programs, the market or to health facilities.


The female literacy rate in rural Rajasthan is 56%

51% of all women in Rajasthan are married before the age of 18

33% of the world’s child brides live in India