Our Work

Increasing water security for Indian women in Rajasthan

At WomenServe, we work every day to empower women and girls by increasing access to water security, health and hygiene, education, and economic development.

We choose our primary initiatives and partnerships based on our commitment to nourish women’s minds, bodies, Spirits, and communities.

Why Rajasthan

Today our work is focused on Western Rajasthan, India. Like many parts of the world, the women and girls in Western Rajasthan face both environmental and cultural oppression due to water insecurity.

Our Social Impact

We believe both our work and our results matter. We are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of women and girls we serve and, therefore, are obsessively committed to tracking our results.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in the last decade and confident about the work ahead of us.

Our Work

Water Security – Through building and maintaining water containment devices, a world of opportunity is opened for Indian women and their children. Learn more

Education – Through EducateHer schools and Bike Scholarships, a girl can attend school and graduate from the 12th grade. Learn more

Economic Empowerment – Through the Thar Artisan Collective and Self Help Groups, women learn skills that lead them to financial independence and a brighter future. Learn more.

Health & Hygiene – Through healthcare services, improved nutrition, and educational programs we are improving the longevity of these communities and the health of their children. Learn more.

Story Telling – We open our hearts to the stories of women in Rajasthan, and help them to use their voice and share their stories with the world.


“I make an automatic monthly donation to WomenServe because I have seen first hand the tremendous change access to a convenient clean source of water can make in the life of those living in the Western Rajasthan Desert. Recurring donations help provide efficiency with a steady flow of income, essential for budgeting, program implementation, and hiring staff. Being able to anticipate cash flow in advance helps WomenServe to succeed in its goal of increasing access to water, education, health, and economic development in the area where their work is focused.

-Janine L

“Growing up in a third world country, I have seen firsthand the oppression women and girls face just because they were born female. Giving these women and girls a chance to be educated and financially independent helps them grow as individuals and creates opportunities for future generations. The impact of a small donation can change the world. I feel honored to be part of that change.”

-Chantelle B.