Why Women and Water

Water security creates economic opportunity and gender equality for Indian women and girls

A Problem Worth Solving


Can you imagine walking 10 hours a day just for water to take care of your basic needs? Sadly, this is the daily reality for Indian women in Rajasthan, India.

When women have to walk for water:

  • Mothers can’t earn an income.
  • Girls can’t achieve an education.
  • Health and hygiene suffer, sometimes resulting in death.
  • Gender and economic equality go unrealized.
  • Women remain oppressed.

These conditions result in poor health and hygiene, illness, and in some cases death. This robs women of their safety, health, and dignity.

When she has water, everything changes

Her: Health

When she has water she doesn’t have to walk and has access to hygiene and sanitation resources to care for herself and her family.

Her: Education

When she has water she can go to school, and even graduate from 12th grade.

Her: Opportunity

When she has water she can generate income, build a business, and create a future of economic empowerment.

Her: Story

When she has water she can share the inspiring stories of how something as simple as water has changed her life.

Help us continue to make a difference for the women and girls of Rajasthan, India. Support WomenServe today.


“I make an automatic monthly donation to WomenServe because I have seen first hand the tremendous change access to a convenient clean source of water can make in the life of those living in the Western Rajasthan Desert. Recurring donations help provide efficiency with a steady flow of income, essential for budgeting, program implementation, and hiring staff. Being able to anticipate cash flow in advance helps WomenServe to succeed in its goal of increasing access to water, education, health, and economic development in the area where their work is focused.
Automatic monthly donating is also good for me, as I don’t have to think about it, or do anything – it just happens. It works well for my budget, as there is less impact than a large one time deduction. I can’t go to India to participate in digging a taanka, but the next best thing is helping to fund the work that provides, clean water access, bicycle scholarships, education, and skill development. WomenServe inspires me, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help make a difference by donating each month.”

-Janine L

“Growing up in a third world country, I have seen firsthand the oppression women and girls face just because they were born female. Giving these women and girls a chance to be educated and financially independent helps them grow as individuals and creates opportunities for future generations. The impact of a small donation can change the world. I feel honored to be part of that change.”

-Chantelle B.