Empowerment Begins with the Education of Girls

As Westerners, there are many things we take for granted… water security and easy access to transportation are two of them. If we need to go to the store, we get in our cars, jump on a train, and get our needs met.

When our children need to go to school, we put them on a bus and on to school they go. These are our norms in our beautiful country of convenience. In Rajasthan, India, this is hardly the case.

How water security creates access to education.

At WomenServe, we focus on water security to open doors of opportunity for women and girls in Rajasthan. When we do that, girls can go to school, get an education, and even graduate from the 12th grade. She can go to college, have a career, and break the cycle of generational repression. This all sounds amazing, right?


There is one small barrier to making her dream a reality.


Girls have to walk several miles through the oppressive desert heat to get to school. This cultural and geographic barrier can be the one thing standing in the way of her future life. This is why WomenServe partnered with the Revive Project to get girls on bikes and ultimately to school.

693 bike scholarships have been awarded to girls in Rajasthan.

Watch When She Has a Bike

Gulab, a bike recipient, tells her own story of empowerment, showing how something as simple as a bike can change her life.

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The mission of WomenServe is to create economic and educational opportunities for women & girls in Rajasthan. That begins with water security and filters into every aspect of their lives.

But we can’t do this alone. We need empathetic, passionate people committed to social change to create the impact we are all called to make.

We would like to invite you to participate in our virtual fundraiser and peer to peer event “Walk for Girls & Water” this July 19-28. Help us raise money and awareness to continue our work for girls and education, giving them the futures they crave and deserve.

When you participate in the walk you will:

  • Raise awareness for women and girls facing the disproportionate impact of COVID-19.
  • Help women and girls build resilience and support the recovery of communities.

Registration open June 15th!