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We Envision a World of Social Change and Gender Equality for Women

Our mission is to unlock the potential of women and girls in Western Rajasthan, India by increasing access to water, health & hygiene, education, and economic empowerment.

Our vision is to achieve 100% water security for the women of the Thar Desert.

Our objective is to empower others, while also empowering ourselves to create opportunities and nurture our most audacious dreams.

Our initiatives are focused on increasing water security, providing quality education to girls, improving health and hygiene in communities, and building economic opportunities for women.

We believe that women and girls need to be empowered and encouraged to share their wisdom in a way that invites the world to listen.

Through programs, initiatives, partnerships, and generous donors we are moving closer to our goal of achieving 100% water security in Rajasthan and creating better futures for the women and girls that live there. Will you join us in this mission?

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