In February 2021, Women Woven Together had an open call for art. This art benefited Musea, the International Creativity Museum. 

This particular call is in honor of International Women’s Day. Part of the mission of Musea gives women an opportunity to express what they believe the “status of women” to be through painting. 

Shiloh Sophia, the curator of Musea, leads leading women’s initiatives through art at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women for seven years. This latest exhibit is a continuation of this groundbreaking and heart-changing work. 


The women woven together theme.


The theme of this open call expresses women being woven together. Through the art collected, diversity, multiculturalism, courage, compassion, connection with the Earth, and awareness of each other’s experiences weave those threads globally. 


This year, WomenServe’s founder, Nioma Sadler, submitted one of her pieces, “When She Catches Rain.” This painting was inspired during the 2020 COVID lockdown to channel the frustration and sadness of not traveling to her beloved Rajasthan. It’s also a part of a new series of blue paintings to honor water’s power.

The inspiration behind the art. 


“Women and girls in Rajasthan, India walk together up to 10 hours a day to collect water in the great Thar Desert. These women face great hardships due to water scarcity. Returning to the Traditional way they used to survive and reinvigorating rainwater catchment systems, lives and time is saved. “When She Catches Rain” captures the energy and the prayer for water and how women and girls carry the burden. She catches rain, and her tears flow like the monsoons…”


These Rajasthani women’s plight moved Nioma after visiting India as co-owner of Traditional Medicinals Tea company. She could feel their oppression which was a direct result of water insecurity. 


She wanted to do more for them. So, she did. 


WomenServe was started just a few short years ago. The work of WomenServe has dramatically impacted women and girls in the Thar Desert. Yes, there is much more to do and many more women to help. 


Nioma has many talents and a caring and empathetic heart on fire to change the world. 


“As a self-taught artist, from the moment I could hold a brush as a child, I have been painting my feelings. I feel the voices of women and girls’ stories in my soul. I believe the painful feeling my art can evoke can be used as a catalyst for conversation and transformation to actualize deep systemic change. Provocative art pieces create impact through a ripple effect of awareness for the need for equality for all women and girls on the planet.”


Nioma’s art prints can be found in the WomenServe Shop, where 100% of profits support women’s liberation from water scarcity in Rajasthan. Find out how you can get involved today. 

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