An Earth Day 2021 Guide

At this stage of our evolution on this Earth, we are aware that the planet is hurting. On some level, we know the human race is to blame for the planet’s ailing condition. But that is an uncomfortable and inconvenient truth. It is more comfortable to look the other way instead of taking action to heal the planet. 

The good news is we play a significant part in healing the planet as well. We are here to be stewards of the Earth. It is our responsibility to care for, love, and protect our planet. This stewardship ensures the planet’s survival for many generations to come. 

At WomenServe, our motto is “Love and Serve.” We apply this to all that we do for women, ourselves, and our planet. We want to invite you to join us as a steward of our Earth this April, for Earth Day, and all year long. 



Here are some easy to integrate changes you can make to help heal the planet one act at a time. 



Meatless Monday



Have you heard of “Meatless Monday?” Well, now you have. The farming and processing of animal products take an enormous toll on our planet. Aside from that, eating too many furry friends harms our long-term health as well. 

Try eliminating all animal products at least one day out of your week. Your body and your planet will thank you. 



Grow a Garden



There are few things as gratifying as growing your own food. Suppose you don’t have land to hoe, sow and reap; try a container garden of fresh herbs, lettuce, peppers, or tomatoes. Of course, you can always plant a tree for Earth day or fund trees being planted in honor of others if your thumb is more purple than green.



Shop Slow Fashion



The fast fashion industry of mass-produced everything is being slowly eclipsed by the new slow fashion movement of environmentalists and every day Earth stewards. We don’t have to have a new look for every event and a matching pair of shoes to go with it we will wear once. The fashion industry is one of the top producers of waste. But they are only producing quick turn-over products because the consumer (us) demands it. 

Support the growing movement towards slow fashion with recycled products. Both big and small fashion brands are taking heed and incorporating these practices. Take a look at the WomenServe Shop to see how beautiful recycled fashion can be. 



Beat the Heat on Laundry Day



Did you know that your clothes will get just as clean in cold water as in hot? Yes, that is true! Your clothing will even last longer if you wash it on cold giving it prolonged life. By washing on cold, you can be an Earth steward by conserving energy and reusing your clothing longer. A hidden perk here is not having to waste time by sorting all of your laundry! 



Remember those Bags



Eight states have banned the use of plastic grocery bags. Kudos to them! But, that is not a reality for many places in this country. We have all been there. You know, n the parking lot of the grocery store realizing we forgot our reusable bags. 

A tip would be to buy several canvas tote bags and stash them in places where you will always have access to them. Put extras in the trunk of the car, on a hook by the door, or anywhere you will see them. Do you forget to put them back after the grocery? Try setting a “put the bags back in the car” alarm for when you expect to return from your shopping trip. 




Conserve Energy 




One of the oldest “save the planet” suggestions is also one of the easiest to implement. Conserve energy. Turn off the lights, use cold instead of hot water as much as possible, and look for ways to be unplugged. 




Ditch The Disposables for Big Impact in Planetary Healing




Disposable products. They are killing the planet, and they are everywhere! What is worse, we believe the lies that we need these products to survive. But we survived before plastic was invented, and we will survive after it is outlawed. So, why not get a jumpstart on a more sustainable existence in your world? 

Take some time out of this week to notice all of the things you use that are disposable. Plates, paper towels, straws, utensils, plastic bags, plastic containers, etc. Then, choose at least one of those to replace with a reusable option. When making the switch from a disposable society to a more sustainable one, there are many things we can all do. 



Diapering & Feminine Hygiene 



If the thought of using cloth diapers for your babies or “period panties” for your menstrual flow make you queasy, this suggestion may not be for you. Just know these disposable products have some very modern and appealing alternatives. Cloth diapers are now more fun, fashion-forward, and easy to wash and use. They are also better for the health of both the environment and your baby’s bottom. And the alternatives to tampons and plastic, chemically clad pads are numerous. Sometimes being a steward of the Earth simply means opening up your mind to something different. 



Rethink Transportation 



One of the fascinating phenomenons from the pandemic was that of the impact of air quality. With the drastic and almost sudden cessation of travel, our air quality improved. Our planet said, “thank you.” 

Before jumping back into your car, think about ways to reduce your travel impact. Can you take a train to work? Bike one day a week? Fly less? Walk more? 

Being a steward of our Earth to help save the planet is not always easy. It goes against the norm. It challenges our habits of comfort and convenience. If incorporated by one person at a time, the small things can make a big difference for our generation and those to come. 



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