“We believe a woman’s voice is her most powerful tool.”

-Nioma Sadler, Acclaimed Documentary Filmmaker





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Everyone has a story. But stories that touch our hearts, expand our minds, and inspire our spirits are powerful and must be told.

Since the day that WomenServe founder, Nioma Sadler, sat at the kitchen tables of Rajasthani women in the Thar Desert, she has been committed to telling the compelling stories of these heroic women and their daughters.

Here are just a few we would like to share with you…

Nioma’s Story

The seed of WomenServe was planted in the heart of a young girl that was denied a formal education by her esoteric parents. But this perceived hardship would open up a world of imagination, big dreams, and bold visions as Nioma Sadler, founder of WomenServe, found herself through the stories of inspiring women.

When She Catches Rain

WomenServe collaborated with taanka (water catchment tank) recipients to produce this film and educate on the benefits of improved water security.

When families and communities have access to water, their quality of life improves. Women can provide for their families and girls can attend school. That’s why water security is key to social, economic and educational opportunity in this region.

With your help, we can make every raindrop count by catching water for these women and girls.

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Gavra’s Story

Gavra no longer has to wake up at 3 am to make the six-mile walk to collect water at the village naadi in the debilitating heat. Hear her heartfelt story of struggle and tears that turned into joy and gratitude with something as simple as water.

Kamala’s Story

From being married as a teenager to losing both parents, her husband, and a son, Kamala is a beacon of strength and hope. Learn how a taanka made her life less challenging and how her gratitude spills over into the village.

When She Has a Bike

To get to school, girls had to walk several miles in the hot Thar Desert to get to school. WomenServe partnered with The Revive Project and provided 582 bike scholarships to young girls.

Watch “When She Has a Bike” and see how lives are being changed by this simple, yet impactful transportation tool. 

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Gulab’s Story

Gulab is a young girl that lives in Rajasthan, India. Her father originally did not wish for his daughter to receive an education. But since she was gifted a bike to get to and from school, her father has changed his mind and now supports his daughter’s future. Learn how life has changed for Gulab since receiving a bike.

Mamta’s Story

“’She is a girl. Why are you investing so much in her?” Yes, these words are spoken in Rajasthan, India even today. But because Mamta was invested in, her life will never be the same. Instead of being married off before her 18th birthday, she has the opportunity to create her own future.