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We Help Women Empower Their Way to Financial Freedom

“Any society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of its women is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world.”

-Tian Wei

In the harsh, rural desert, women and girls face many barriers which prevent her from earning an income and deciding her own future because she does not have the skills necessary to do so.

  • 73% of women are jobless.
  • 65% of rural women are illiterate.

At WomenServe, we seek to remove cultural barriers and end the cycles of poverty that are created and repeated which keep Indian women repressed. This begins with giving her an opportunity to become financially independent.

These interventions offer training in indigenous handicraft techniques, social and economic support, and best practice knowledge banks in an effort to improve income generation and bolster entrepreneurial activity.

The Thar Artisan Collective

Talent and a desire to change women’s inherited circumstances run deep in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, India. The Thar Artisan Collective (TAC) was created to give these women the opportunity for economic empowerment that she craves.

The TAC, in conjunction with training programs known as self-help groups (SHG), provide women who participate the training they need and a platform to sell their artisan hand-crafted goods to inch closer to financial freedom.

There are currently 108 members in the Collective, in two villages with TAC centers who are increasing their skill level and household income. You can support their efforts by shopping in the WomenServe shop today.

Self Help Groups

(SHG) are collections of 8-12 women who willingly join together for support, discussion, skill-building, and financial benefits. SHG members deposit a monthly installment, determined by the group, developing over time a group savings fund. Typically meeting once a month, members can take a loan from the group, based on group consensus, for any purpose.

In addition to the activities outlined above, SHGs are provided training on topics ranging from group management and leadership to vocational skills. The purpose of SHGs is to create collections of women that work together to access and pursue greater opportunities which enable them to change their own circumstances.

Animal Husbandry Groups

This initiative improves livestock health through animal vaccinations against common infections, training in best practices, and provide opportunities for increased income generation.

To rewrite her destiny, a woman needs skills and training to advance herself. Through WomenServe initiatives, women are able to increase their skills, income and change their lives for good.

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