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Empowerment Begins with the Education of Girls

For girls in Rajasthan, education can be the difference between a life of freedom or being married before their 18th birthday. For generations, girls haven’t had the privilege and access to go to school. The empowerment of girls and women has been a cultural afterthought.

Watch “When She Has a Bike” and learn more.

  • 40% of girls who attend school drop out before 5th grade.
  • 350,000 girls are out of school.
  • 1 in 100 girls reach 12th grade.

The concept of being denied an education is foreign to many of us. But In Rajasthan, like many parts of the world, women and girls are often denied access to the same educational opportunities that are offered to young men.

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EducateHer Schools

WomenServe is helping build schools alongside sustainable models of education.

Building new schools and improving and expanding existing schools literally creates the space needed for all students – girls and boys – to achieve an education. Our partners help set up and train School Management Committees to ensure girls’ inclusion, advocate for their education, and model equality by hiring and supporting women as teachers.

These committees are made up of teachers, parents, and community leaders who are trained in the EducateHer school model.

The difference a bike can make.

Offering her a chance to ride into a brighter future.

Why a bicycle? Because they enable girls to ride long distances, sometimes up to 10km, to get to school. Children attending both government and EducateHer schools are eligible for these scholarships.

College tours create aspiring girls.

Allowing her to see new opportunities for herself as a girl feeds into her future empowerment as a woman.

Visits allow girls, parents, teachers, and WomenServe staff to travel to Jodhpur to visit a girl’s college, meet other students, and learn what it takes to attend college. This is an unprecedented opportunity as it is uncommon for girls and women to travel outside of their villages and to have access to higher education opportunities.

Education can mean the opportunity for a different future.

Our Impact in Education

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