How A Dream and Determination Changed Her Life Forever


From Inspiration to Leadership in Less than Four Years.

Meet Diya. She is a 33-year-old woman, wife, and mother of four. She lives in the desert of Rajasthan, India with her husband, two boys and two girls. While she helps her husband with agriculture and the animals, they have a cow and a goat, she never wanted to earn an income that way. That was not her dream. She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to pursue as a career, but she knew farming was not it. 

She attended a few self-help group meetings through the Thar Artisan Collective and would talk often about her poor economic conditions. She spoke of the stresses of raising four children, the cost associated with their education, and her frustration with her lack of financial independence from her husband. 

As a mother, every child is equally important to her and she wanted to give them the opportunity for education that she did not have as a child.

She felt powerless that things would ever change. 

Villagers suggested that she take advantage of her cow and goat and begin a business selling dairy, this did not interest her at all. 

When Diya began training with the Thar Artisan Collective, she finally got the inspiration she needed to start a second business. She began learning to sew from one of the expert women in her village. After four years of TAC training, she became an expert herself and can now provide a second income source in her family. 

Today she stitches the traditional Rajasthani dresses and in one month she turned her entire financial situation around. Now she can earn and spend her own money by herself, not depending on her husband. She can also save money for her daughter’s future. 

But earning an income is only part of the reward she has found through this experience. She has become one of the members of the TAC management team and now trains 10 more women which improves her self esteem, self worth, and overall state of mind. She not only improves her sewing capacity and also improves the teaching capacity. 

TAC training changed her life and helped her to find a new profession which not only helps her find her freedom but also helps the family’s economic condition.

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