Give a Gift in Honor of Devon Gill

Give a Gift in Honor of Devon Gill

And her spirit lives on in the legacy of WomenServe. Every day we work to honor Devon, aspiring to match her dedication, strength, and heart. Her support made our work possible, and continues to inspire us to be pioneers in our mission to empower women and girls.

Your donation today honors Devon, and helps her purpose live on, while helping change the lives of women and girls. Help these girls get to school on their daily bike ride, which can be up to 12 miles. A $75 donation gets a girl a bike, and access to a brighter future.

Every dollar donated will go directly to support bike scholarships for girls. Due to a generous donor, all operating costs are funded 100%, so you can know your donation is used solely for the project itself.

Thank you for your generosity, and helping unlock the potential of women and girls.

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