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We need your help to combat Covid and save lives in the villages where we work. 

 As a second wave of coronavirus travels from urban to rural areas of India, education, preparation, and supplies are essential to slow the spread. Our COVID-19 Relief Fund helps vulnerable communities prepare, stay safe, and and reduce the spread of new strains of the virus.

100% of your donation will support our team on the frontlines who are bringing vital resources to over 25,000 people. Here are some of the ways our team is helping:

Education & training

Social distancing, hygiene, sanitation and immunization are important measures to slow the spread of coronavirus. Our team provides remote training, communication and resources for rural communities to learn COVID safety measures.

Essential supplies

Some of the most vulnerable families are at a higher risk than ever for food and water scarcity. Team members are collaborating with local agencies to identify and support needy families, including providing PPE, food and water, and other resources.

Healthcare & oxygen support

As cases rise, rural hospitals must quickly adapt to new challenges. Field teams coordinate with hospitals and government agencies to ensure hospital preparedness and supplies of oxygen tanks, monitors and concentrators, beds and ambulances.

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Our Impact Thus Far

Families directly supported through COVID Relief

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PPE Distributed in 2020 alone

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Covid Safety Trainings in 2020

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health trainings