Being a mother is no doubt the most challenging job on the planet. From raising a family to running a business or managing a farm, mothers worldwide juggle many responsibilities. 

Yet, many of these women and their children are living in poverty. There is a vicious cycle of cultural norms that no longer serve the women of this planet. And WomenServe is helping to cultivate new norms, where mothers are empowered to reach for her dreams. 

When a mother is empowered, she changes the world for her daughter and generations to follow. 

Empowered mothers influence everything around them. A mother is an example for her daughter, who will know what a strong empowered woman looks like. She will follow in her mother’s shoes knowing a better life is possible. 

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the hard-working women in Rajasthan with us. They face immense challenges as they continue to move forward to a better future for themselves, their children, and their communities. 

Read a few of their stories below, and then learn how you can help mothers  provide life-changing support for their families. 

Kamala’s Story

Kamala lives in Rajasthan, India. Her eldest son was killed in a motorcycle accident, leaving her to care for his widow and two children. Before her daughters were married, they used to walk with her for water every day. Each round trip to the canal or the naadi (a rainwater catchment pond) was a two-and-a-half-mile walk that took three hours. They would make this trip at least twice a day carrying 45 lbs. of water in pots on their heads, leaving little to no time for education. 

Life has changed since having a Taanka. 

Now that she has a taanka, she and her daughters don’t have to walk for water. She and her children are taking baths daily now. And she has water to drink and water for all the animals too. Many things have improved in her home. She even gives buckets of water to people in nearby homes.

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Gavra’s Story

Gavra no longer has to wake up at 3 am to make the six-mile walk to collect water at the village naadi in the debilitating heat. Hear her heartfelt story of struggle and tears that turned into joy and gratitude with something as simple as water.

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These are just a few of the stories that have come to life since WomenServe started working in their villages, creating water security and other empowering programs. 

Please help us make a bigger impact so mothers in Rajasthan can live the dream of empowerment for themselves and their daughters. 

Support the work of the Thar Artisan Collective

When you shop in the WomenServe store, you help a mother earn an income. The Thar Artisan Collective comprises 108 women, all trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. 

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