When She Catches Rain
When She Has a Bike

When She Has a Bike

In our partnership with the Revive! Project WS helped produce this film about the power of a girl and her bike, to share how this simple tool changes the course of a girls future.

WomenServe collaborated with bike recipients to produce this film and educate on the benefits of improved access to education.

In the drought-afflicted Thar Desert of rural Rajasthan, water is scarce and women and girls spend all their days walking miles each day, carrying water on their heads. Many girls are denied the opportunity to receive an education. WomenServe is helping to change this by providing girls with bicycles so they can ride the long distances to school. Instead of carrying water across the desert, 400 girls now carry books to school on their bikes.

With your help, we can continue to help girls ride into a bright future.